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For custom order :

You need to contact us

mostly price of items are vary
depending on, size and shape your work

consider which type of mold,
iron or rubber?
(Iron Mold - for mug, flask, cup, ashtray, tankard, container, goblet, plate, clock, box
Rubber Mold - For keyring, sculpture)

Iron - 30,000-60,000 Baht
Rubber - 2,500-10,000 Baht
(since you pay for it, you have right on them
We can't use it for further production.
You can take them back when order finished)

Who Design?
your design, are welcome
or let us design for you

What minimum?
there are no minimum require
It simple - More Quantity, Lower Cost

How long it take?
mostly 60-90 days
(two step :
1) Make Mold
2) Manufacture Item

mold, aprx. 30-90 days
depend on how complex it is?
Detail? Carving?

manufacture 500 pcs, aprx. 30 days

When you pay?
when agreed, deposit 30%
(the remaining paid before deliver)


Our Recent Custom Items
for :
goverment, military,
private organization,
public organization, individual,
school, university and etc.



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