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Pewter (also known as "antique silver") is a metal alloy, traditionally between 85 and 96 percent tin, and the rest copper and/or lead.
There were three grades of pewter:
Fine, for eating ware, with 96 percent tin, and 4 percent copper
Trifle, also for eating and drinking utensils but duller in appearance, with essentially 92 percent tin, 4 percent copper, and up to 4 percent lead
Lay or Ley metal, not for eating or drinking utensils, which could contain up to 15 percent lead. ...

For all of our Pewters is fine grade
with 97 percent tin, 2 percent antimony and 1 percent copper
** There are no lead in our Pewter product **
It safe to use our Pewter with foods and drinks

Tin 97 %

Antimony 2 %


Copper 1 %

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